Not only School it's a thought

As we are deeply inspired by the thought of Gayatri Pariwar, We spread these great thoughts with our students, Parents and the society too with the help of Knowledge, Festivals and different programs.

  • Education like gurukuls but with Modern Methods.
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Why Choose Pragya Academy for your child

  • 1

    Number of students in each class 30-35

    We beleive in quality more than quantity. That's why we take limited students and teach them nicely.

  • 2

    Vast Playground for games

    It is so necessary to be Healthy Fit and Fine. Physical Education is as much required as a theoretical knowledge

  • 3

    Healthy and Hygenic Environment

    Green Trees, Pure Air and Hygenic Environment is the key concept of our campus for good health of our students.

  • 4

    Education Along Culture

    Glorification of our Sanatana Sanskriti. Attached to our roots is so much necessary.

  • 5

    Facilities like Yoga, Dance and Music

    Knowledge such as Yoga, Dhyaan, Aasana, Dance, Music all are knowledge and should be learnt by all students.

  • 6

    Syllabus as per CBSE Board NCERT Pattern

    We teach same syllabus as per the CBSE Board NCERT Pattern New Delhi.


From the Principal's Desk

It is my great pleasure to have such type of school which is not a school to provide only education but to make my student’s career to fulfil their aim in future. I wish they became Honest, Sincere, Obedient Cultured and truthful. Our School management’s desire is to upgrade classes upto 10+2 level. CBSE Board (New Delhi) in future. Trith and discipline is our motto.

My aim is to understand my Teachers and Students to get proper education. I will try to have quality based staff to work in proper order.

~ Mr. SN Upadhyay

From the Manager's Desk

We want to make our young generation strong. Because the things which are going wrong in the society when they grow they will correct it. and we want make our Country Developed and Powerful. For that our young generation should be strong and well educated.

That's why we are providing good quality Education to children. If an individual of a Country will be strong and well educated then the whole country will automatically become powerful.

एक इंजीनियर की गलती मकान में छिप जाती है
एक डॉक्टर की गलती कब्र में दफ़न जाती है
एक वकील की गलती फाइलों में दब जाती है
पर एक शिक्षक की गलती व्यक्ति के राष्ट्र व जीवन में झलकती है|

~ Mr. Dayaram Agrahari


Overview of Pragya Academy

People Spreading our Motto to the society

Since the establishment of Pragya Academy School Ashish Kumar is with us to spread the idea of Ideal society wider.
Ashish Kumar - Director
SN Upadhyay the Principal of Pragya Academy School is an open minded gentleman who knows his responsibility that what will be profitable for Students.
SN Upadhyay - Principal
Since the establishment of Pragya Academy School Dayaram Agrahari is with us to spread the idea of Ideal society wider.
Dayaram Agrahari - Manager
Since the establishment of Pragya Academy School Rajesh Kumar is with us to spread the idea of Ideal society wider.
Rajesh Kumar - Treasurer

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